Tips For Forklift Hire Rate Savings

While hiring a forklift is often already more cost-effectiveness than buying a forklifts, there are still extra things you can do to make sure that you get the very best forklift. Below are some ways you can do this.

  • Compare rates from several forklift hire companies. This one if obvious, but it is critical to get rates from several forklift hire companies. Do not just go to the first dealer you come across. Smaller independent forklift hire companies can usually offer more competitive rates especially if they are locally-based as well.
  • Sign up for a longer term hire. Almost all forklift hire companies will offer lower forklift hire rates for long-term contracts. The longer you hire the forklift, the bigger the discount you can get, but of course this will involve commitment from you. Most companies will start offering significant discounts once you are willing to hire for three months or longer.
  • Pay in advance or arrange for direct debit payment scheme. Payment security is an issue for all businesses so being willing to pay in advance or opt for automated payment systems can help you haggle for a lower rate especially if you don’t have previous hiring history with the dealer.
  • Get the forklift that matches your needs and requirements. The hire rates of different forklifts are affected by the forklift’s size, capacity, fuel option and equipment cost. Instead of getting a forklift with a larger lift capacity than necessary opt for a forklift with only the requirements you need and potentially a cheaper brand too. All you have to do is make sure that the specific forklift can handle the job you plan to use it for. So why pay for what you don’t need.