Selecting A Forklift Hire Company

Although hiring a forklift is much more affordable than buying one, you still want to get good value for money when it comes to your forklift hire rates. So it pays to select your forklift hire company carefully.

To ensure that you select the best company for your circumstance, below are some things you should consider before making any decisions:

  • Hire Rates – Different companies offer different hire rates so shop around and be sure to take advantage of our hire rate calculator to help you find the best hire rate in your area.
  • Availability and variety of forklifts – Some local forklift hire companies do not have a wide variety of forklift types available. Instead of settling for whatever they have available sometimes it pays to widen your search a little bit to find a company that has a larger hire fleet and better availability of stock that better suits your needs.
  • Coverage of delivery area – Make sure that the forklift hire company you choose can deliver the forklift to your area cost effectively. This is especially important on short term hire where locally based forklift hire companies tend to offer your cheaper transport. Alternatively, with longer duration hire terms make sure you contact non local forklift hire companies because a cheaper long term rate can often more than offset the higher cost of transport.
  • Flexibility – There are many things you will need to specify when hiring a forklift so make sure that the company you will choose is flexible enough to match your needs and requirements. Ask about the company‚Äôs flexibility in terms of rates, duration of contract, maintenance, and options to change some of the items in the contract such as forklift type and duration.
  • Reputation – Hire a forklift only from a reputable forklift hire dealer. Rely on referrals from people you know or from feedback of previous customers. Be specific about the quality of their forklifts and the services that they offer. Their forklifts should be well-maintained and follow safety requirements while they should be able to provide quick and efficient delivery and good service.
  • Forklift expertise – Go for a company known for their expertise and knowledge in the field of forklifts. The forklift hire company you will choose should be able to provide you with expert advice on anything related to forklifts.