How Does Our Forklift Hire Rate Calculator Work?

One of the common questions we are asked is how do we go about calculating the best forklift hire rates around Australia.

We at have personally contacted the majority of forklift hire dealers in the country and collected information about how many forklifts they have in their hire fleets and the hire rates they charge for each of these units and the discounts they offer for the longer hire durations.

So now you can come to our site and enter your location, your basic forklift specifications and how long you want to hire the forklift for and we can quickly search our database for the forklift hire dealers in your city with a forklift that fits your requirements.

Then we calculate the forklift dealer that offers you the best weekly hire rate for that duration.

It’s that simple.

So now, for example, if you want to know who offers the best Melbourne forklift hire rates you are quite literally only a couple of clicks away.

The best part is, you not only save money getting the best forklift hire rate, but you also save you time because you don’t have to call dozens of different forklift dealers to see if they even have the forklift you are looking for let alone offer a good hire rate.