Benefits Of Hiring A Forklift

Companies in all industries often find themselves requiring a forklift for their material handling operations. Many opt to buy a forklift, but a growing number are choosing to hire a forklift instead.

That’s because forklift hire offers many benefits over forklift ownership. Below are just some of them:

  • Availability – If you are unsure how long you will require the forklift or if you only need it for a specific job for a specific period of time while a project is ongoing forklift hire allows you to quickly get the forklift that you need and only pay for it when you need it.
  • Flexibility – Buying a forklift means being stuck with a forklift with certain specifications, which might have limited applications that you can use it. If you forklift lifting requirements change hiring a forklift means that you can always cost effectively have a forklift that is fit for the job that you require it for. Many big forklift hire fleet operators like ForkForce, will allow you to change or upgrade your forklift to something that better suits your circumstance even when under contract.
  • No Capital Expenditure – The initial capital cost of buying even a used forklift can be upwards of $10,000 and for this reason alone many businesses opt to hire a forklift instead of buying one to allow them to deploy their capital on achieving returns on their own operations.
  • No maintenance – Most forklift hire companies include the maintenance cost in their forklift hire rates. This means that when you hire a forklift, you will not have to worry about the hassles and costs of maintaining your forklift.
  • Breakdown Replacement – Most businesses can’t afford for their forklift not to be working. If your hire forklift breaks down most forklift hire dealers will offer a speedy replacement.
  • Scale Up And Down As Required – If you have periodic busy periods at certain times of the month or year you can hire additional forklifts to meet the peak period demands and dehire when those periods are over.